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How To Use This Site

To the left of almost every page is a menu. Use this menu to get around the site.
  • Home
  • Flash Introduction
    • This little movie shows how we came up with our logo.
  • My Account
    • This portion of the site requires an account craated and one must login to enter. Once entered it is posible to view what rentals have been credited to this account, view, edit, or add dependent renters to the account. The account Information is also editable here.
  • View Shopping Cart
    • Once Items have been added to the cart the contents will be displayed here.
  • Search For Item
    • On this page itmes can be added to the cart. There are opions to search the entire AlexBuster System or a particular store. Also the option is availble to search for an item by the tiele or a product ID. If choosing to search for an item by title you must enter the complete title as it is our database. It is posable to view all items by leaving the textbox blank or entering a '*'.
  • Browse Inventory
    • This will display all items in the database.
  • Most Popular
    • To see the top 20 most popular items visit here.
  • Store Information
    • All store addresses are displayed here.
  • Create New Account
    • Use this page to create a new rental account. Thsi page can all be accesed from the login page. Once clicked checkout a new account can be created off the login pgae.
  • Site Map
    • The map of our site.
  • Read Me
    • This page.

On the Bottum of the page is a sriped down menu. It can be used to access these pages when the curent page is to long. Also this contains the copyright and contact information for the site.

Thank You for visting
Enjoy movies.

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